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Guest Policy

Guest Flyers are welcome to come fly with us.  There are a few additional guest rules:

  1. You MUST be a current AMA member and have your AMA card present for verification with one of our Club Officials (Instructor, Field Marshall, Safety Coordinator, or Club Officer)

  2. You must be sponsored by a current club member in good standing.

  3. Your club sponsor MUST be present at the field while his/her guest flies.

  4. You must be observed by a RIAC Instructor, Safety Coordinator, or Executive Board Member on your first flight to ensure knowledge of field/club rules, operational fly zone and that you can conduct safe flight operations prior to any additional flights.

  5. You must conspicuously display your AMA card during all flight operations.

  6. Guests are limited to three (3) times of guest status maximum per year. 

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